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The New York Preservation Archive Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting, preserving, and celebrating the history of historic preservation in New York City. Recognizing the instructive and inspirational importance of this history to the continued health, success and growth of preservation in our city, NYPAP hopes to bring these stories to light through public programs, oral histories, and the creation of public access to information. NYPAP is devoted to celebrating neglected narratives of New York historic preservation, as well as the canon, using the archives that hold these stories.

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With your support, the Archive Project can capture more preservation stories through oral histories. We can partner with more organizations on public programs highlighting and documenting preservation’s story. We can focus energy on building our preservation history database. We can take full advantage of this special moment to remind New Yorkers that our beloved landmarks and historic districts survive today not by accident but because generations of concerned preservationists fought to secure their future.

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Guide to the NYPAP Database and Resources


The Preservation History Database is a first-stop encyclopedic resource for researchers interested in the history of preservation in New York City. You can view records by:

The Library is a collection of original research on topics in preservation history.

The Oral Histories section features in-depth interviews with preservation advocates and thought-leaders.

Visit the Preservation Memory Collection Project to share a personal story about a preservationist in your life.

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Preserving New York:
Winning the Right to Protect a City's Landmarks

Preserving New York

Preserving New York, by Anthony C. Wood, is the story of the people and places, the buildings and battles, and the policies and politics that, after decades of tragic losses, led New York City to create a legal mechanism to protect the city’s cherished landmarks.

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The Campaign to Preserve 2 Columbus Circle

2 Columbus Circle

Access a chronology of one of the most aggressive, high-profile, highly-chronicled broad-based preservation advocacy efforts since the creation of the Landmarks Law in 1965.




Visit Landmarks45.org!

Landmarks45 Logo

2010 was the forty-fifth anniversary of New York City's renowned Landmarks Law. Visit Landmarks45.org, our official anniversary blog, where you'll discover more about the people, places, and organizations that have influenced preservation in NYC.

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Video Highlights: From Signs to Scenic Vistas

From Signs to Scenic Vistas:
Aesthetic Regulation's Unfinished Agenda

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Report of Mayor's Billboard Advertising Commission of the City of New York, this panel discussion examined the origins of aesthetic regulation in New York State, delved into present day situations where policy has fallen short in protecting historic and scenic views, and discussed potential tools to solve these shortcomings.

Click here for more information.

Video Highlights: Past Leaders Look to the Future

Past Leaders Look to the Future:
The Past Chairs of the Landmarks Preservation Commission Look to the Agency's Future

Did you miss our panel discussion with the past Chairs of the Landmarks Preservation Commission? Click here or above to view our video recording of this fascinating exploration of the challenges and responsibilities facing the next Chair and the leadership required to help the agency navigate the future.

Learn more about the event here.

Video Highlights: Battle for Bryant Park, 25 Years On

Battle for Bryant Park, 25 Years On:
A Discussion with Anthony Tung

Learn more about the March 8 event marking the 25-year anniversary of the battle for Bryant Park, which energized the entire preservation community. The event was co-sponsored with the Historic Districts Council & the Neighborhood Preservation Center.