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New Website Launches!

May 24, 2016
Article from the Spring 2016 Newsletter

It has been a whirlwind beginning to 2016 as the New York Preservation Archive Project designs a new and improved website! In an effort to make our website more intuitive, user friendly, and visually engaging, the Archive Project has recently completed a complete overhaul. Funded in part by the Robert A. & Elizabeth R. Jeffe Foundation and the Windie Knowe Fund, the new website features all of the extraordinary resources previously offered, augmented by a cleaner interface that highlights high-quality photographs, journalistic pieces, information on topics in preservation history and public programming, and the final products from oral history projects. Furthermore, the new design makes it easier and more enjoyable for both researchers and the casual browser to access all of this information.

The Archive Project has secured as a designer the talented firm of Kiss Me I’m Polish, which maintains an award-winning portfolio of projects for clients in the arts, culture, education, and the media, including the J. M. Kaplan Fund, the Museum of Modern Art, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Geographic Society, Hayden Planetarium, and The Cooper Union.

The Archive Project is thrilled to launch our new website and hopes that through these recent improvements our resources will be used and enjoyed by an even wider audience. 

Above: Gloria Swanson standing in the rubble of the Roxy Theater, October 14, 1960; Courtesy of Life Magazine