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NYPAP Welcomes New Executive Director

June 1, 2018 | NYPAP

We hope you have joined in welcoming the Archive Project’s new executive director, Brad Vogel! Vogel joined us as executive director as of February 1, 2018 when our first full-time executive director, Matthew Coody, moved on to a new role at the Historic House Trust.

Mr. Vogel previously served on the Board of Directors of the Archive Project from 2012 until 2018, concurrent with most of the seven years that Mr. Coody served the organization. Vogel also served as vice-chair of the Archive Project. In 2014, Vogel and Coody were both instrumental in forming the Archive Project’s Columns Club, which continues as a vital aspect of the organization.

Prior to joining the Archive Project, Vogel worked with the National Trust for Historic Preservation in post-Katrina New Orleans after earning his law degree at Tulane. His efforts won him the honor of 2011 Louisiana Preservationist of the Year. He subsequently worked as an attorney in two New York City firms, and he is personally active in preservation efforts to landmark Walt Whitman’s house in Brooklyn, ongoing attempts to landmark key sites in Gowanus, and a push to designate 206 Bowery, an endangered Federal house along that historic thoroughfare.

The Archive Project and friends welcomed Vogel with a reception held at the J.M. Kaplan Fund shortly after he assumed his new role. “It’s been a pleasant whirlwind these first few months,” Vogel said. “I’m truly enjoying the chance to get up each day and engage in work worth doing, work that’s endlessly interesting to me.” The Archive Project is grateful to the J.M. Kaplan Fund for hosting the reception.

Vogel’s initial connection to the Archive Project came about in 2011 when he moved from New Orleans to New York. After urbanist Roberta Brandes Gratz met Vogel in the Crescent City, she introduced him to a number of preservationists upon his arrival in Manhattan. Anthony C. Wood of the Archive Project was present at the meeting, and the rest is history.

A published poet, Mr. Vogel also serves as Captain of the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club and an International Governor for the Circumnavigators Club.

“I’m excited to expand our ability to capture and share the stories of the preservation movement in New York City,” Vogel said. “So many of the good things in this city were consciously saved by preservationists.”