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Christopher Collins

Christopher Collins speaks about the process of developing the High Line, and preservation from a public official’s perspective.

Interviewer Unknown
April 4, 2012
People: Robert Dryfoos, Gifford Miller, Halina Rosenthal, Diane von Furstenberg, Anthony C. Wood
Organizations: Friends of the High Line
Places: 108 East Ninety-Sixth Street, High Line, Lowline
Above: Highline Park, 2013; Courtesy of Richard Perry/The New York Times

Christopher Collins long involvement in civic service, through working with New York City Councilman Robert Dryfoos, as well as his experience as a neighborhood advocate lends him a unique perspective on preservation in New York City. He was very involved in the campaign for the High Line and sheds insight into the decade-long process to build the park. He speaks about the importance for advocates to be politically savvy and how to appeal to city officials to win support for neighborhood causes. At the time of this interview, he was a commissioner on the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals and shares his insight into ways community advocates and preservationists can more easily navigate city bureaucracy.

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