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Eric Allison

Eric Allison

An advocate for both historic preservation and livable cities, Eric Allison served as the President of the Historic Districts Council from 1990–2000.

People: Joseph Rosenberg, Anthony C. Wood, Vicki Weiner, Lauren Peters 
Organizations: Fort Greene Landmarks Preservation Committee, Historic Districts Council, Pratt Historic Preservation Master’s Program, National Council for Preservation Education, American Planning Association 
Places: Fort Greene Historic District, Lower Manhattan
Above: Eric Allison with Anthony C. Wood, Courtesy of the New York Preservation Archive Project

Eric Allison was born in Rockville Centre, New York on November 19, 1946 to William Archibald Allison and Lila Ermalinda Allison Fox.[1] He graduated from Shimer College with Honors in 1971 and married Mary Ann Burnet Allison that same year.[2] Prior to becoming involved in preservation work, Allison worked as a financier and freelance writer. He moved from Long Island to Fort Greene, Brooklyn in 1984, where he soon joined the Fort Greene Landmarks Preservation Committee and became a vocal preservation advocate.[3]

Allison served a brief term as treasurer before becoming president of the Historic Districts Council from 1990 to 2000.[4] He co-founded, coordinated, and taught in the Historic Preservation program at the Pratt Institute, and authored Creating a Historic District: A Guide for Neighborhoods and Historic Preservation and The Livable City, co-written with Lauren Peters.[5] Allison received his MS (1992) in City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute, and an MPhil (1998) and PhD (2005) in Urban Planning and Historic Preservation from Columbia University.[6]

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