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Sandy Ground Oral History Workshop

July 16, 2017
1:30 p.m.
Sandy Ground Historical Society

NYPAP partnered with the Sandy Ground Historical Society and the New York Public Library to capture oral histories of the Sandy Ground community in Staten Island. This partnership was inspired by NYPAP’s first oral history in Sandy Ground, with Yvonne Taylor, in 2015.

The Sandy Ground Oral History Project will preserve the memories of people who have lived and worked in Sandy Ground. The oral histories recorded will be available to the public at the Sandy Ground Historical Society, the NYPL Milstein Division for US History, Local History, and Genealogy, as well as the New York Public Library website,

This workshop—led by NYPAP’s oral history interviewer, Layla Vural—will train volunteers from the Sandy Ground community to conduct and record oral histories. After the workshop, volunteers are encouraged to reach out to neighbors, friends, family, and anyone with a strong connection to Sandy Ground, to record valuable stories about the area.

Oral history interviews will be completed by the end of October, and sent to NYPL to be archived and published online.

In November, NYPAP will co-host an event at the St. George Public Library to celebrate Sandy Ground’s historic sites and to showcase the oral histories that have been collected.

Sandy Ground Historical Society
1538 Woodrow Road
Staten Island, NY 10309
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Above: Robert McKinney, Jeffrey Moody, Catherine McKinney, Denise Pedro and Warren Landin, from left, play in Sandy Ground on March 31, 1967. Courtesy of the Sandy Ground Historical Society