Zoom Programming

Please find our YouTube video recordings of our Zoom programs below.

April 22

Coffee Break Chat (3:45 pm) – Zachary Violette and Brad Vogel on the book The Decorated Tenement: How Immigrant Builders and Architects Transformed the Slum

April 29

Coffee Break Chat (3:45 pm) – Francis Morrone with Brad Vogel on Henry Hope Reed 

May 6

Coffee Break Chat (3:45 pm) – Patrick Ciccone with Brad Vogel on the book Bricks & Brownstone

May 8

NYPAPy Hour (5:45 pm) – Suzanne Spellen & Susan De Vries on Brooklyn Architect Montrose Morris. 

May 13

Coffee Break Chat (3:45 pm): Anthony W. Robins on Margot Gayle and Cast-Iron with special guest Yuki Ohta:

May 15

NYPAPy Hour (5:45 pm): Paul Lozito and Chuck Hovanic on Clay Avenue in the Bronx

May 18

Oral History Training (6 pm): Oral Historian Sarah Dziedzic

May 20

Coffee Break Chat (3:45 pm): Otis and Nancy Pearsall with Anthony C. Wood on preservationist Clay Lancaster

May 22

NYPAPy Hour (5:45 pm): Re-envisioning Morris-Jumel Mansion with Matthew Coody & Shiloh Holley *Welcome Columns Club & Young Georgians!

May 27

Coffee Break Chat (3:45 pm): John Freeman Gill in conversation with Gina Pollara on his book The Gargoyle Hunters

May 29

NYPAPy Hour (5:45 pm):  Mary Habstritt, Nathan Kensinger, & Tom Rinaldi on Waterfront Industrial Preservation in NYC (or the lack thereof):

June 3

Coffee Break Chat (3:45 pm): Hailing Halina Rosenthal of the Upper East Side with Anthony C. Wood & Friends:

June 5

NYPAPy Hour (5:45 pm): The Evolution of George McAneny with Adrian Untermyer, Lucie Levine, & Brad Vogel:

June 8

Archival Practice Session (5 pm): Jack Taylor Through an Archivist’s Lens with Barbara Gombach:

June 26

NYPAPy Hour PRIDE Edition (5:45 pm): Gay Bars That Are Gone with Michael Ryan & Kyle Supley

October 7

Preservation Origins (3:30 pm): Stories from Cities Across the Nation – Charleston, North Carolina

***Coffee Break Chats brought to you by CTA Architects P.C.

***NYPAPy Hour brought to you by Jan Hird Pokorny Associates