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December 5, 2021

Members of the Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association, including Syderia Asberry-Chresfield, Patricia Pates-Eaton, Ruthann Richert, and
Madlyn Stokely, joined moderator Kelly Carroll on August 25th for a group oral history on the group’s community preservation efforts in Harlem. |Courtesy of the Archive Project

Inspired by Grassroots Stories Series

The Archive Project conducted a series of group oral histories this year with grassroots preservation groups, facilitated by funding from the New York State Council on the Arts. Preservation consultant Kelly Carroll moderated virtual sessions with groups in Harlem, Elmhurst, East New York, and other neighborhoods, focusing on the intersection of architectural preservation and community preservation. Th e series included individual oral histories with preservationists in the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island as well. Videos and transcripts for each of the oral histories can be found on the Archive Project’s website, Special thanks to Pat Reisinger for additional support for the series, which complements and runs in parallel with the Archive Project’s ongoing Oral History Intensive funded by the Peggy N. and Roger G. Gerry Charitable Trust.

Saving Preservation Papers

On November 4, Archive Project Executive Director Brad Vogel presented at the Leon Levy Foundation’s Archival Roundtable held at the Museum of the City of New York. Vogel’s remarks elaborated on the Archive Project’s efforts to save preservation related materials in the summer of 2021, including work with collections connected to India House, the Beaux Arts Society, and tour guide Joyce Mendelsohn. The Archive Project served as a front-line, responsive collector, directing materials to permanent collecting institutions.

Podcast on George McAneny

In October, Archive Project board member Adrian Untermyer, Executive Director Brad Vogel, and independent historian Lucie Levine joined the Historical Society of the New York Courts for a unique podcast on the legacy of civic figure George McAneny. The three speakers chimed in on a joint podcast from different rooms in the courthouse at 60 Centre Street on Foley Square, touching on several preservation-related themes in the course of the discussion. Check out this podcast on YouTube, number 15 in a series produced by the Historical Society of the New York Courts, on how New York City was shaped by McAneny’s life in the law. podcast-15/ NYPAP News

Vogel Visits CUNY Class

Executive Director Brad Vogel presented recently to a CUNY graduate class about the Archive Project’s work. Vogel joined the class at the invitation of instructor Darrel Holnes and consulted with students regarding oral history projects focused broadly on the Black experience in Brooklyn. Students were provided with access to the Archive Project’s oral history guide and a variety of model oral histories. Several of the proposed student oral history projects tied into the Archive Project’s areas of focus.