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Jeffrey Kroessler

Jeffrey Kroessler

Queens-based writer and professor Jeffrey Kroessler dedicated much of his life to preserving New York City.

People: Nina Rappaport, Dorothy Morehead, Robert Tierney
Organizations: Astoria Historical Society, The Sunnyside Foundation, Queensborough Preservation League, Historic Districts Council, Municipal Arts Society, Elliot Willensky Fund, Queens Public Library
Places: The New York Architectural Terra Cotta Works Building, Sunnyside Gardens, Queens
Above: Jeffrey Kroessler; Courtesy of the Historic Districts Council

Jeffrey Kroessler received a bachelor’s degree (1973) and a master’s degree (1978) in History from Hobart College and New York University respectively. He then completed a doctorate in American History at The City College of New York in 1991, writing his dissertation on the urbanization of Queens. Kroessler’s doctoral research aptly reflected his passion for the City. Kroessler ultimately dedicated much of his personal and academic life to the study and preservation of notable New York City landmarks and neighborhoods.’

Oral History with Sarah Sher

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Founder/President of Queensborough Preservation League, John Jay College Professor/Interim Chief Librarian, Board Member of Historic Districts Council, President of City Club of New York

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