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A Toast to the Penn Station Picketers: Honoring AGBANY, Peter Samton, Diane (Kirsch) Goldstein, and Fellow Demonstrators

August 1, 2022
Tracks Raw Bar & Grill

Join us on August 1st at Tracks Raw Bar and Grill where the Archive Project will celebrate the efforts of Action Group for Better Architecture (AGBANY) and one of the groups original founders Peter Samton. We’ll have toasts from other picket participants, like Diana (Kirsch) Goldstein  (Jane Jacobs, Philip Johnson, Jordan Gruzen, Paul Rudolph, and many more participated). Sixty years ago, AGBANY transformed the way historic preservation would play out in New York City. The group’s efforts to save Penn Station inspired a new level of connectedness between the general public and the preservation process. We hope to see you there on August 1, from 6:00-8:00pm at Tracks Raw Bar and Grill. 

**Brief tours of the picket site led by Justin Rivers of Untapped Cities will leave from Tracks starting at 5:45 pm 

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